Outdoor Adventures At our

Forest School

....Where Adventures Happen!

Our forest school provides children aged 3 – 5 years an inspirational and exciting approach to learning.

Discover the Wonders

Our Forest School Adventure Gallery

Welcome to our Forest School Adventure Gallery! Here, your little explorers can immerse themselves in nature’s classroom. Through hands-on experiences, they’ll learn about the world around them, develop essential skills, and foster a lifelong love for the outdoors. Come take a peek at the magical moments we’ve captured, celebrating the joy, creativity, and discovery that defines our unique Forest School experience.

The Benefits of

Forest School

Our forest site allows children to be immersed in a natural environment promoting independence, resilience and challenge. 
Led by qualified forest school leaders, children explore the natural woodland and make lasting memories.  

Connection To Nature

Developing knowledge and appreciation of nature and sustainability.

Team Work

Positive communication and cooperation working with others.

Self Esteem

Nurture based teaching to promote self esteem and resilience.

Physical Activity

The physicality of the forest develops gross motor skills.

Being Outdoors

Fresh air and space provides a calming peaceful environment.

Learning Experiences At

Forest School

In our Forest School, we will continue to follow our ‘in the moment planning’ approach we use in the nursery setting.  A child – led approach and open ended learning is at the heart of what we do.  The types of activities we promote…

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